If You See the Object, the Object Sees You – Yona Friedman

Directed by Ra Di Martino

A video shot and inspired by the studio apartment of architect/artist Yona Friedman in Paris.

The work came about as a result of exposure to Yona Friedman’s incredible and stupefying home-cum-studio in Paris. In that home, the concepts of flexibility and ephemerality discover their realizability. The home appears at first glance to be a chaotic space, filled with a great quantity of heterogeneous objects and collections like a treasure chest: souvenirs, craft pieces, scale models, elementary designs, simple materials and discarded objects […] In her video, Rä di Martino passes through Friedmans intimate and personal world in order to observe him close up, and she does so by privileging a subjective and partial approach almost denying a descriptive overview. If You See the Object, the Object Sees You represents the exchange of perspectives and relations that occurs between the artist, Friedman’s ‘objects’ and the video camera that films them.” Bertola Chiara, for the exhibition Terre Vulnerabili Catalogue, 2010