Alessandro Chiodo, born into an Italo-Swedish family in Brazil in 1977, is a renowned cinematographer and lighting designer. His career began after graduating from the Film School, where he embarked on new challenges collaborating with emerging artists and legendary figures such as Vittorio Storaro and Fabio Cianchetti.

As a filmmaker, Alessandro is driven by an unquenchable passion for the art of visual storytelling through the emotional use of light and cinematic grammar, applied in films, documentaries, and experimental artistic projects. His professional journey has led him to explore diverse cultures, dreams, and stories worldwide, fueling his vision and desire to collaborate with professionals and productions that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

Endowed with insatiable curiosity and sparkling creativity, Alessandro, affectionately known as “il Chiodo” to his friends, incessantly explores the technical and emotional boundaries of his field. He engages in continuous experimentation, playing with new techniques and creating visually stunning experiences. He approaches cinema and video art with the sensitivity of a sentimental explorer, probing multiple perspectives and seeking to capture the deepest essence of every story.

Today, Alessandro collaborates with internationally acclaimed professionals, transcending geographic and cultural barriers to immerse himself in the diverse facets of world cinema, from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. With an eye always on the future, he continues his journey in the world of cinematography.

As a co-founder of the CUBO and CUBO GALLERY in Parma,  committed to promoting young artists and their creativity, adding to the global cultural dialogue.

TV SERIES – The TV series market Alessandro Chiodo primarily collaborates with is situated in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, and Morocco, working with directors such as Mohammad Lutfi, Mohammad Khiari, Eyad al Khzuz, Ali Ali, and Eyad Nahs, to name a few.

FILM – With over 15 years of experience in Vittorio Storaro’s crew in Italy, Alessandro has worked on projects with directors of the caliber of Damiano Michieletto, Carlos Saura, Giancarlo Soldi, Mateo Zoni, Simona Izzo, and Antongiulio Panizzi.

ART – He has collaborated with various contemporary artists, including Ra Di Martino, Guim Tio Zarraluki, Bennet Pimpinella, Antonio Rovaldi, Linda Jasmine Fregni Nagler, Cesare Pietrojusti, Maria Marshall, Elisabetta Benassi, Paolo Canevari, Manuel Saiz, Chiara Clemente, Adrian Tranquilli, Rossella Biscotti, Eva Frapiccini, and Theo Eshetu.

OPERA – Alessandro’s experiences range from operas such as “La Traviata” and “Lucia di Lammermoor” at Teatro La Fenice in Venice to performances in the Forbidden City of Beijing and at the Budapest Opera House with “Barbablu.”

ARCHITECTURE As a lighting designer, Alessandro Chiodo collaborates with Studio Metrogramma by Andrea Boschetti, with whom he has worked on various projects, including Scalo Milano and Surface Space in Moscow.