As a cinematographer, I am passionate about the art of storytelling through lights and cinematography in films, documentaries, and art projects. My journey takes me around the world, exploring diverse cultures, dreams, and stories.

My ultimate desire is to collaborate with daring and innovative productions and individuals who share their vision and love for experimentation.

Born to an Italian-Swedish family in Brazil in 1977, I am a director of photography and lighting designer. My career started after graduating from Film School, where my relentless pursuit of new opportunities led me to collaborate with emerging artists, directors, and legendary cinematographers such as Vittorio Storaro, Fabio Cianchetti, and Daniele Nannuzzi.

Driven by curiosity and creativity, I am always pushing beyond technical and emotional boundaries, experimenting, playing, creating, and surprising. As an explorer at heart, I approach cinema and video art from various perspectives, constantly seeking to probe their essence.

Today, I collaborate with esteemed individuals worldwide, crossing borders and experiencing the diverse faces of our world, from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. My gaze is always forward, focused on the future.

As a co-founder of the CUBO and CUBO GALLERY in Parma, I am committed to promoting young artists and their creativity, adding to the global cultural dialogue.