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1001 Noches – Guatemala City

Lighting design for 1001 Noches! 1001 Noches is a community that inhabits an ephemeral space where culture and commerce converge.Every day of its existence it will tell a new story starting with the people that form part of it and that wish to coexist, converge and collaborate through the innovative projects that will expand understandings and creative experiences. I had this great opportunity to collaborate with the creative director, Anne Sophie Gauvin and al Little Coins Team.

“Certo e`ch io naqui” (ART)

Opening this week, in Roma @Palazzo Poli – Istituto centrale per la grafica Cinematographer for “Certo e` ch io naqui” Directed by Ra di Martino Produced by  Istituto centrale per la grafica opera site specific a Palazzo Poli ispirata a Giuseppe Gioachino Belli e Franz Liszt XI Giornata del contemporaneo anteprima il 9 ottobre alle ore 18.00 Roma, Istituto centrale per la grafica Palazzo Poli, via Poli, 54 L’Istituto centrale per la grafica, in occasione della XI Giornata del contemporaneo, presenta Certo e` ch’io nacqui, l’opera video che Rä di…

“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” interview with Guim Tio Zarraluky

“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” GUIM TIO @ Dar Bellarj Foundation @Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project from alessandro chiodo on Vimeo. “HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” interview with Guim Tio Zarraluky Wall paint, chalks, 2014 @ Dar Bellarj Foundation, Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project (26/02 – 31/03/2014) Where are we now? In answer to the ques.on posed by the 5th edi.on of the Marrakech Biennale (26 February – 31 March 2014), Guim Tió has responded with an ideological convic.on .nged with the humour of an who is confronted, especially…

Biennale Marrakesh!

My dear friend Aniko Bohler invite me to curate a section in the partner project of the 5th Biennale of marrakesh! I will present 3 video, one I did in collaboration with Guim Tio (I made you a portrait in backlight) and two video I did like cinematographer for Ra Di Martino and Antonio Rovadli. It will be on show @ Dar Bellarj foundetion in the heart of Medina from 26th of Feb until 31th of March. If you are around, just whistle and pass by. While I’m here I’m…

FIGHETTA by Guim Tio & Me

Finally the first video of the collaboration with Guim Tio is on line! FIGHETTA that had a short life, was stolen the night after was painted! lucky boy who has it in his house. this video is speed up 3600x (the original lenght is 44 min.) FIGHETTA from alessandro chiodo on Vimeo.


Betta had an AMAZING project in Biennale Venezia THE DRY SALVAGES, over 10.000 brics, “from the space” i like to say… everyone hand made, whit the reference number of the largest debris in orbit around the world. An unusal catalogue of the presence of the human in the space… when you setp in to her project you are lost in the space, a new one, made by brics and number, looking for your own. I love this project it’s something that needs to be record! thanx Betta!!