“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” GUIM TIO @ Dar Bellarj Foundation @Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project from alessandro chiodo on Vimeo.

“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” interview with Guim Tio Zarraluky Wall paint, chalks, 2014 @ Dar Bellarj Foundation, Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project (26/02 – 31/03/2014)

Where are we now? In answer to the ques.on posed by the 5th edi.on of the Marrakech Biennale (26 February – 31 March 2014), Guim Tió has responded with an ideological convic.on .nged with the humour of an ar.st who is confronted, especially in Spain, with a dilemma created by the closure of borders and the rejec.on of migrants. His performance, carried out in the public space of the medina, does not defy the laws of the country that forbids drawing on walls except using chalk, and adheres to the aesthe.c rules of the city of Marrakech to respect its original ochre red colour. Next to the Ben Youssef Medersa, the historical landmark of learning, Guim has taken over the wall of Dar Bellarj, where you will find numerous pieces of art created within the context of the Biennale, generic portraits without gender iden.ty, class or race, pain.ngs of the individual trapped in the stupidity of immigra.on laws. There are long strips of tape which outline the grill behind which appears, as if in a nega.ve, a portrait of a person deprived of their freedom but s.ll retaining a hypno.c gaze, omniscient, naïve, like that of a child, neither insolent nor provoca.ve, just percep.ve. A message wriXen in French and Arabic makes the scope of the work accessible to all and draws aXen.on to the complicity of all who pass by: “Human stupidity has it limits. Dedicated to those who perish at the fron.ers.” His performance, transforming a wall into a picture, subs.tutes the symbol of a border with a sensi.ve portrayal of someone who understands the condi.on of a migrant.
Corinne Cauvin Verner English Transla.on Katherine Dady

Shooted with the crew of the Masterclass @ ESAV Marrakech.
with the support of
Morocco experience and project.
Biennale 05
DVD Prod.

Extract From:
BIENNALE TV РLe Petit Journal De La Biennale, ̩pisode 04 #MB5TV
With Alexander Ponomarev and Guim Tio Zarraluki
Music courtesy: Guy Farley guy-farley.com/
Music courtesy: Piernicola Di Muro piernicoladimuro.com
Translation and voice over: Raphael Liais du Rocher
Video Courtesy: Super Error and Loppis Gallery

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26/02/2014 – 31/03/2014
sous le Haut Patronage de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI
under the Royal Patronage from his Majesty The King Mohammed VI
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