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Cinematographer “Lasciami per Sempre” un film di Simona Izzo.   Viola, una creatrice di profumi divorziata che ha ritrovato la felicità accanto a un sensibile musicista, decide di organizzare una grande festa per i 20 anni del figlio Lorenzo. Per l’occasione invita nella villa di famiglia le due sorelle, il padre reduce da un tentativo di suicidio, due ex mariti e parenti assortiti della loro famiglia allargata. Ma quando il suo ex si presenta davvero, le dinamiche in gioco si complicano e tornano a galla vecchi rancori, gelosie e ripicche,…


I’m at the 32 TFF Torino Film Festival with the new Film by Giancarlo Soldi. Second unit cinematographer, with Luca Bigazzi. The movie is a journey through the universe of the author Tiziano Sclavi. He filled our day-to-day lives with his stories, his fascinating tales and evocative images, throughout the years of his feverish activity. Until his surprising decision to retire from everything and everyone. This beloved author, truly bashful and utterly mysterious, revealed the visions of his deepest thoughts, making his flirtations with death tangible. Sclavi would take the…


It’s out the documentary by  Giancarlo Soldi “Come Tex nesuuno mai”! An amazing project we did last year and finally came to the highlits! It’s the story about Sergio Bonelli, father of italian comics, like Tex , Dilan Dog, Mister No and many others… I worked on it like cinematographer/camera operator and I had the luck to do the last interview to the great Sergio. We’ll miss you.   trailer  


B camera operator for the project Mohammad the Infinite (PBUH) – Main Unit September 2011 – October 2012 – Iran I had this incredible occasion to be one of the crew for this histoical movie, the life of the prophet Mohammad. Vittorio Storaro ask me to joint him in this adeventure, and I didn’t think too much before decide! WOW something very hard to describe. It was more than one year of intense work, I’ve been there with my family because of the lenght of the project. We shooted from…


I’ve shooted this docu-film with Mateo Zoni, very good friend , great and feeling director. This is his first documentary and it’s a story about a girl who is about to turn 18th, she lives in a “welcome house” with others girl, because she have tryed to suicide more than once… Mateo has a great touch, no patetic but human. It’s a different way of cinema, a mix where is difficoult to find the edge  beetwen reality and fiction.  


Cinematographer Il Principe di Matteo Albano THE PRINCE a short film about a Prince who lost everithing in a mysterius way… even his wife. A story lost in the time, where an ancient house is the frame of the events. “A Great Prince has to be half lion, and half fox” (Niccolò Machiavelli) Directed by Matteo Albano Screenplay Pietro Cattaneo Cinematography Alessandro Chiodo Executive Producer Claudio Lullo Produced by Kyo Film