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SCALO MILANO (Architecture)

27/Oct, 2016 OPENING!!!   Lighting Designer “Scalo Milano” for Metrogramma – Boschetti and Francini’s architecture studio. luglio 2015 – novembre 2015 Milano, Italia lighting Concept for Scalo Milano, by Metrogramma    

WIP in @ FMG Moscow

Finally the project @ FMG in Moscow is started! I’m curating the mutimedia lighting desgin. A versatile and multi-purpose lighting system, WiFi Remote for Metrogramma Studio. Here is a WIP picture!  Enjoy.      

L’Orfeo is done!

HERE IS SOME PICTURE FROM PETER HISLOP ! enjoy!     The ANU School of Music, in collaboration with the School of Art and the Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, presents two performances of Monteverdi’s groundbreaking opera L’Orfeo [Orpheus] in a visually stunning new staging directed by Cate Clelland and conducted by Peter Tregear. The earliest surviving opera still in the standard repertoire, L’Orfeo is based on the Greek legend of Orpheus, and recounts the story of his power as a musician, his extraordinary love for Eurydice and descent…


Working on the visual for Orfeo, with my dear friend Andrew Quinn! mixing math, algorithms, sound reactive, 3D lighting and some raw shooting…. an expolsive mix! The Opera will be shown in Camberra in 22th. of August. You are all welcome! Starring for the visual is my dear friend Mirko Pietroboni (Orfeo) and the special guest for Euridice, Scout Paré-Phillips. The last step will be the lighting on stage… to match the athomsphere!  


I’ve been invited to create the lighting design  for the operas in the VERDI’S festival In Bejing. The Bejing Music Festival take a place in the Forbbiden City Hall, in the heart of the city.  I worked like lighting designer for 4 semistaged operas, in multimedia format, with a wide screen like background: projection, light, singer, chorus  and orchestra fuse together on stage in a magic ensemble. With the great  direction of Caterina Vianello (Traviata) and Francesco Stochino. All the scene was done by my friend and collaborator Monica Manganelli,…