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ITALIAN SEASON: LA SCALA – LA STORIA SEGRETA EP.2 Ep. 2 / 44 min / 2015 / PT Ep.2 – “La Scala – La storia segreta” – Una produzione Sky Arte HD dedicata a sette eccellenze italiane, narrate come mai prima. Un viaggio imperdibile tra i nomi e i luoghi che hanno fatto dell’Italia il sinonimo di arte. Il Teatro alla Scala di Milano si racconta in prima persona, come fosse una splendida donna che produce arte ma puo’ anche distruggere. Regia: Angelo Bozzolini


I’m at the 32 TFF Torino Film Festival with the new Film by Giancarlo Soldi. Second unit cinematographer, with Luca Bigazzi. The movie is a journey through the universe of the author Tiziano Sclavi. He filled our day-to-day lives with his stories, his fascinating tales and evocative images, throughout the years of his feverish activity. Until his surprising decision to retire from everything and everyone. This beloved author, truly bashful and utterly mysterious, revealed the visions of his deepest thoughts, making his flirtations with death tangible. Sclavi would take the…

“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” interview with Guim Tio Zarraluky

“HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” GUIM TIO @ Dar Bellarj Foundation @Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project from alessandro chiodo on Vimeo. “HUMAN STUPIDITY HAS IT LIMITS” interview with Guim Tio Zarraluky Wall paint, chalks, 2014 @ Dar Bellarj Foundation, Marrakech Biennale 05 Partner Project (26/02 – 31/03/2014) Where are we now? In answer to the ques.on posed by the 5th edi.on of the Marrakech Biennale (26 February – 31 March 2014), Guim Tió has responded with an ideological convic.on .nged with the humour of an who is confronted, especially…


It’s out the documentary by  Giancarlo Soldi “Come Tex nesuuno mai”! An amazing project we did last year and finally came to the highlits! It’s the story about Sergio Bonelli, father of italian comics, like Tex , Dilan Dog, Mister No and many others… I worked on it like cinematographer/camera operator and I had the luck to do the last interview to the great Sergio. We’ll miss you.   trailer  


I’ve shooted this docu-film with Mateo Zoni, very good friend , great and feeling director. This is his first documentary and it’s a story about a girl who is about to turn 18th, she lives in a “welcome house” with others girl, because she have tryed to suicide more than once… Mateo has a great touch, no patetic but human. It’s a different way of cinema, a mix where is difficoult to find the edge  beetwen reality and fiction.