I love lights and cinematography storytelling in movies, documentaries and art project.
Traveling around the world through stories and dreams.

I wish to meet creative productions and people who love dare and experiment.


Italian-Swedish born in Brazil in 1977, he is director of photography and lighting designer.
After graduating from the Film School, he moved to Rome where his ongoing search for new goals allowed him to collaborate with young artists, directors and great cinematographers such as Vittorio Storaro, Fabio Cianchetti and Daniele Nanuzzi.

Curious and brilliant, he always goes beyond limits both technical and emotional, experimenting, playing, creating, surprising. In his veins runs the explorer’s blood. Tireless researcher of the essence probe from multiple points of view cinema and video art.

Today he collaborates with important personalities, crosses borders and savors all the different faces of the world, from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. His eye always points forward, looking forward to the future.

He is also co-founder of the CUBO and the CUBO GALLERY in Parma, born to enhance young artists and creativity.