Archivi mensili: novembre 2014


I’m at the 32 TFF Torino Film Festival with the new Film by Giancarlo Soldi. Second unit cinematographer, with Luca Bigazzi. The movie is a journey through the universe of the author Tiziano Sclavi. He filled our day-to-day lives with his stories, his fascinating tales and evocative images, throughout the years of his feverish activity. Until his surprising decision to retire from everything and everyone. This beloved author, truly bashful and utterly mysterious, revealed the visions of his deepest thoughts, making his flirtations with death tangible. Sclavi would take the…

WIP in @ FMG Moscow

Finally the project @ FMG in Moscow is started! I’m curating the mutimedia lighting desgin. A versatile and multi-purpose lighting system, WiFi Remote for Metrogramma Studio. Here is a WIP picture!  Enjoy.