Archivi mensili: ottobre 2013


I’ve been invited to create the lighting design  for 4 Opera in the VERDI’S festival In Bejing. The Bejing Music Festival take a place in the Forbbiden City Hall, in the heart of the city.  I worked like lighting designer for 4 semistaged operas, in multimedia format, with a wide screen like background: projection, light, singer, chorus  and orchestra fuse together on stage in a magic ensemble. With the great  direction of Caterina Vianello (Traviata) produced by Francesco Stochino. All the scene was done by my friend and collaborator Monica…


shooting with RA di martino @ MAST bologna! We did a video together for the project MAST, Ra is a great director and artist, always find a new way to tell her story, even in a hard and difficoult situation she never lost control. I love that! Thanx Ra!